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This webinar series will discuss current research on cover crops and conservation in various cropping systems, interesting findings, and common obstacles to implementing a successful cover crop and no-till program. Each webinar is 30 minutes and will end with a 15 minute Q&A session. More details here.

Checkoff at Work for Soybean Growers

The results of the 2019 ROI study, which is required by USDA and takes place every five years, found that U.S. soybean farmers received $12.34 in added value for every dollar they invested in the soy checkoff. 


Winner of 2019 Pa. Soybean Yield Contest

Congratulations to Mike Shearer of Mount Joy, Pa., the South Central region and statewide winner of the 2019 PA Soybean Yield Contest. His winning yield was 111.62 bu/acre. The state is divided into 5 regions.  See the other regional winners here.

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