Register now for 2022 Pa. Soybean Yield Contest

Do you have what it takes to be a winner? Register now to enter the 2022 Pa. Soybean Yield Contest.  Deadline to register has been extended to Sept.15, 2022. Statewide and regional winners will receive an educational trip to the Commodity Classic. Last year Bucks County farmer Nathan Crooke was the top producer in the state.

Integrated Pest Management

Pests can interfere with crop productivity and unnecessary pest management costs can erode profits. While pests can colonize every acre of soybeans in Pa., they do not invade every field annually. This publication provides details of an IPM program that can effectively control weeds, diseases, and pests typical of Pa. soybean fields, while minimizing input costs.



Did you know?

Animal agriculture is the No. 1 consumer of soybeans. Soy meal goes to feed chickens, cows, hogs, turkeys and other animals. Soy meal can also be used as feed in aquaculture.

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