Soybean Production Workshops in December

Day-long workshops at four locations in Pa. teach soybean producers new integrated pest and cultural management practices covering the entire growing season, from planting to harvest. Check out the Events page for details.




Save the date! Feb. 19, 2015

All growers are invited to the Winter Corn and Soybean Congress to learn the latest research findings in corn and soybean production. University educators and researchers will review the current research being done on behalf of corn and soybean farmers.

WHEN: February 19, 2015, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

WHERE: Grantville Holiday Inn, Grantville, PA

2013 Pennsylvania Soybean Test Performance

Check out this report from Penn State. The PA Soybean Board helps fund soybean tests, which are conducted annually to provide information regarding the performance of soybeans grown in Pennsylvania. This report summarizes performance results for 2013.

Animal agriculture: the No. 1 customer for soybeans

Pennsylvania ranked 14th in the nation in the use of soybean meal, thanks to consumption by the state’s chickens, dairy cows, hogs, turkeys and cattle.

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for more information about the value of animal ag to our state’s economy.