2014 PA Soybean Yield Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to Herman Manbeck, the 2014 statewide winner of the PA Soybean Yield Contest. Read results here.Shown: Brian Kreider, PSB Board Member; 1st Place State- Herman Manbeck; 1st place Western Region – Frank Mutnansky;1st Place Central Region – Matt Kehr. Not shown: 1st Place Northern Region –Richard Snyder,




Penn State Study Investigates Effect of Manure on Soybean Ground

Results of an important research study conducted by Penn State University to determine if manure applications to soybean ground had any effect on the incidence of disease, weed pressure, soil nitrate levels, nodulation and yields has been released.  Click here: Effects of manure application on soybean ground_ 2013 season.

2015 Winter Corn & Soybean Congress

More than 200 farmers from 21 counties in Pennsylvania attended the 2015 Winter Corn & Soybean Congress on Feb. 19, cosponsored by the PA Corn Growers Association and PA Soybean Board. As promised, it was a great learning experience!

Animal agriculture: the No. 1 customer for soybeans

Pennsylvania ranked 14th in the nation in the use of soybean meal, thanks to consumption by the state’s chickens, dairy cows, hogs, turkeys and cattle.

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for more information about the value of animal ag to our state’s economy.